Upgrade or extend your license key

- Upgrading a license:
  For example, you have the Basic license and want to upgrade to the Standard license.
- Extending a license key:
  For example, you have the Basic license, after one year, while you can keep using any of the new versions you downloaded during that one-year period forever, but there is a alternative option - you can extend your Basic license key so that you can download all new versions to be released in the coming 12-months.

License Upgrade Pricing

The price is the difference of the prices of the two license types.
- Upgrade from Basic to Standard: $99 - $79 = $20

License Extending Pricing

The price is 55% off the original purchase.
- Basic License: $79 * 45% = $35.55
- Standard License: $99 * 45% = $44.55
Note: All FastMindMap license keys are perpetual, you only need to extend it if you want to download and use new versions of the software after 12 months. All old versions you downloaded previously will work forever with your existing license key.


Currently both license key upgrading and extending is achieved with a coupon code, please contact us and provide the following info:
- The best way is to contact us with the original email address that's used in the original order, if you can't, provide your current license key.
- Tell us if you want to upgrade or extend your license key:
  - if you want to upgrade: to which license - Standard or Professional (not available yet) you want to upgrade.
  - if you want to extend: extend one year or two years, and so on.