Powerful Information Organizer & Document Writer

Intuitive yet powerful information management & document writing with FastMindMap is based on visual mind mapping or outlining, according to your preference. See feature highlights below.

FastMindMap Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping Demo

Feature Highlights

- Mind mapping: Mind mapping is a proven visual technique for brainstorming, clarified thinking, and so on. Mind mapping with FastMindMap is very powerful yet as effortless as typing.
- Concept mapping: FastMindMap is also capable of easy creation of good-looking concept maps.
- Outline view: Outline view is another way to view the hierarchical structure of your projects.
- Topic (node) properties:
      - Tags: Tagging is a proven, useful approach for organizing things!
      - Icon markers: Decorate the nodes with multiple set of renameable icons.
      - Images: Use images to make your mindmaps vivid and beautiful.
      - Notes: Write simple rich text notes for the topics.
      - Links: Link from your topic to local file, remote web address and so on.
      - Attachments: Embed any files such as Office documents to topics.
      - Document: Write complex document content for the topics with a close-to-MS-Word, full-featured document editor.
      - Writing goals management: Set target words/characters for your writing and FastMindMap will track them.
- Find as you type: Search a topic quickly.
- Live filter: Display only the topics you want.
- Spell check: Fix the typos.
- Flexible configurable user interface: Dock-able and float-able toolbars and sidebars.
- High quality document export:
    - Microsoft Word: Quickly combine the entire project and output to high quality Word .docx
    - Adobe Pdf
    - Various image file formats
    - Html, plain text, markdown and so on.