- Capture ideas.
- Collect References.

Plan, Organize and Write

- A visual map sparks creativity.
- Or use the outline view for large documents.
- See the big picture.
- Close-to-Word document editor.

Export, perfectly

- Export to Microsoft Word with all formatting reserved.
- Also export to PDF, RTF, HTML, plain text and markdown files.

Manage a Lengthy Writing with Mindmap (or Outliner, see below)

Organize writing of a novel/fiction with mind mapping

Mind Map view, good for visual thinkers

outliner for organizing a writing

Outline view, good for large hierarchical structures

Export to Microsoft Word with Structure Preserved

The result should be very close to your final requirements.

After drafts written in FastMindMap are exported to .docx file

Full-Featured Document Editing Features

Word users should feel familiar with the advanced document editor in FastMindMap.

Output PDF Document With Navigation Outline

FastMindMap can combine all written documents into one a PDF file, and the mindmap's structure become the TOC (Table Of Content)

Same PDF combined from writings with TOC

Sheng Huang (u/silvermindmapper)
Consumer App Designer

This is such a cool program! ...,FastMindMap has all the features an author needs to get thoughts organized and written. I...have tried many other MM programs but having a dedicated panel for writing and adding images into it is critical, as is the ability to export to Word...The word count is genius. ...good job distilling the main features necessary for a good writing MM app!