FastMindMap Release Notes


The main enhancement in this release is the new Backup To Zip feature. See a screenshot below:

One click to call up the Backup window:

Each backup is timestamped, with your backup comments viewable with zip tools such as the free and open source 7-zip. In other words, the backup archive is in open file format, which is the .zip file format. It means that you can easily restore your mindmap file with any zip tools such as WinZip or 7-zip.

Other improvements in this release:

· Speed improvement: For large documents, typing response in the document editor is much faster after increasing the "write to cache" auto-save interval.
· UI: The Export menu is moved from the second level to the top-level menu, so the export functions are now easier to access.
· Fixed: On some Windows 11 computers the Opened Mind Maps and Mind Map Samples area of the Start Page is in "black out" mode until you switch the UI theme back and then switch back.
· User experience improvement: If the topic document editor is currently visible [Ctrl + Y] will hide the document editor. In other words, the "Document" button (Ctrl + Y) toggles the document editor now.


This is a maintenance release.
· Fixed: If an image inserted into the document editor is resized, the size will become very large after reloaded or exported to Word. Note: In order to have a problematic image size resolved, you still have to select the related topic so the document is loaded, then manually resize the image again and save.

· Enhanced: FastMindMap uses icon font 'Material Design Icons Desktop' for icons, however, it might failed to install in rare cases. Now FastMindMap will check that at start up and provides instruction for manual installation. 


New "Document" topic property turns FastMindMap into an perfect writing/authoring tool by utilizing the visual organizing ability of mindmap software!
· This is in addition to topic Notes.
· The Document property is edited with a close-to-MS-Word document editor.
· You can combine and export all documents into a single document when you done writing.
· Perfect export to .docx (Microsoft Word), RTF, markdown, plain text and html web page.

Session restore when opening a mindmap:
· Select the last selected topic.
· Restore the cursor of the document editor.

· Opening/creating a mindmap is faster.
· Mouse wheel can scroll all scroll-able area even it's not focused.
· You can press [Esc] to close the Start Page.
· Optimized the space usage of the main toolbars at top.
· Fixed: You must press [Alt + Tab] to switch to another program.
· The "Press F11 to quick full-screen mode" notification will be displayed triple times for new users only.
· Reduced flickering when toggling the sidebars. 


mindmapping based authoring/writing software for Windows


- Allows docking the Hyperlinks and Attachments panels to the left or the right of the main window.
- Right button drag-and-pan no longer resets the selection of the current topic so that the content of the sidebars won't be cleared.
- Smarter sizing and positioning of the Start Page window.
- Fixed: Some Chinese characters are garbled in the version history window.


- Added the ability to reset all icon names to the original values according to current UI language of FastMindMap.
- Several fixes related to renaming the icons.
- Fixed: The topic search bar didn't support the dark theme.
- The following are related to the Chinese edition:
  - Much enhanced the Chinese edition.
  - New samples in Chinese.
  - Fixed a bug related to Chinese input method.

V2.9: MindVisualizer renamed as FastMindMap, with new icon markers and new filter pane.

It's been a long time since the last MindVisualizer release, but we finally getting a new version (and more to come ;)
The following describes software feature enhancements only, check this article about why MindVisualizer has renamed as FastMindMap.

The following outlines what's new in this new version (screenshots following):
- Completely redesigned named icons.
-  Filter by icons with the re-designed quick filter pane.
- Large screen (High DPI) support.
- New Dark theme support.
- Enhanced the overall user interface.
- New spell check engine.
- New mind map samples.
- Modern Windows OS Support.
- Full Unicode (International) support.
- New "version check" feature.
- New error report engine.
- Many small fixes and enhancements.

Other notes re. upgrading from MindVisualizer to FastMindMap:
- FastMindMap can be installed alongside with the old MindVisualizer.
- You can open your old MindVisualizer mindmaps with FastMindMap, but not the other way around. As a good practice, It's suggested to make backups of your .mvmm mindmap files first.

new icon marker groups with names

New named icon marker groups and new filter sidebar

Changing names for icon groups

Icon marker renaming dialog window

dark theme

Dark User Interface Theme with a Mind Map with a Black Background